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Nearly half of Georgia's children are not prepared to succeed when they enter kindergaten. YMCA early learning programs are helping to address this growing community problem.

Our impact on literacy

Bridging the literacy gap with the Read Right From the Start (RRFTS) program.

Ensuring school readiness means that preschool-age children at the YMCA of Metro Atlanta’s early learning centers will enter kindergarten on a path to read to learn by third grade.

As part of this commitment, Read Right From the Start offers a multi-faceted approach to ensure that our teachers have the knowledge and tools they need to prepare children to start kindergarten on a path to read to learn by third grade. Training includes traditional professional development courses, one-on-one guidance from literacy coaches and Cox Campus E-Learning modules developed by the Atlanta Speech School.

Read Right From the Start engages approximately 320 lead and assistant teachers in nearly 150 classrooms across the Metro Atlanta area, and impacts more than 3,000 children annually.

The Y is providing our teachers with the support and resources they need to help their students bridge the language and literacy gap, preparing children to start kindergarten ready to learn.

Our impact on obesity

Developing healthy habits and keeping kids active with the Start for Life program.

All early learning programs currently offer Start For Life, a program developed for children ages 3 to 5 that consists of 30 minutes of moderate and vigorous exercise, 5 days per week led by early learning teachers during the school day. It provides a variety of fun activities to help build strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility. In addition, a series of self-management and skill-building exercises are used to reinforce healthy behaviors over time.

Our partners

• Atlanta Public Schools
• Atlanta Speech School
• Bright From the Start
• Elbert County Board of Education
• Georgia Pre-K
• Health and Human Services
• Morgan County Board of Education
• National Head Start Association
• Region IV Head Start


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