Our accredited programs help improve school readiness + prepare preschool children for success.

About early learning

Providing quality, accredited programs.
The YMCA's early learning programs are designed to provide an engaging curriculum that prepare preschoolers to enter Kindergarten on a path to read to learn by third grade and develop healthy habits in a fun, safe, supportive environment.

Programs provided by the Arthur M. Blank Early Learning Center are NAEYC accredited and state-licensed. Since 1985, NAEYC's national accreditation system has set professional standards for early childhood education programs. NAEYC's accreditation systems help provide the best learning experiences for young children and their educators by meeting national standards of quality.

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Our curriculum

Ensuring school readiness.
YMCA early learning centers are commited to improving educational success and providing positive, enriching experiences for all youth. With a child-centered, holistic approach to early learning, the Creative Curriculum focuses on 8 core content areas (inclusive of STEAM project-based learning):

• Arts
• Character development
• Healthy habits
• Literacy
• Mathematics
• Science
• Social studies
• Technology

Applying evidence-based strategies.
Developed by The Rollins Center for Language and Literacy at the Atlanta Speech School, the Read Right from the Start (RRFTS) online program provides our early learning teachers with evidence-based classroom strategies and tools to effectively build the language skills of all children. As a result, children who graduate from Y early learning programs are ready to start school and on-track to achieve grade level reading.

Developing healthy habits.
All early learning programs currently offer Start For Life, a program developed for children ages 3 to 5 that consists of 30 minutes of moderate and vigorous exercise, 5 days per week led by early learning teachers during the school day. It provides a variety of fun activities to help build strength, endurance, cardiovascular fitness, and flexibility. In addition, a series of self-management and skill-building exercises are used to reinforce healthy behaviors over time.

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Our staff

Employing qualified staff.
Our early learning programs are staffed with nurturing instructors who undergo extensive background checks and have a strong understanding of the cognitive, physical and social development of children. Our staff are committed to providing an enriching experience that fosters personal growth, supports academic success, inspires creativity, and promotes positive character development.

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