Top 5 Fun Things to Do at YMCA Camp High Harbour

Camp counselors from YMCA Camp High Harbour, our resident camp at Lake Burton and Lake Allatoona, share their top five fun things to do at camp.

1. Swing around on the ropes course. Face your fear of heights with our giant swing and swing fifty feet in the air towards the lake, or leap off the Quick Jump.

2. Fly around on a tube in the crystal clear lake. With our water sports program, you can also go wakeboarding, water skiing, and more. Nothing beats the heat like a day at the lake with friends!

3. Win the spirit award. Perform a skit before each meal for your chance to win the spirit award. You never know when a dance party might break out!

4. Jump on the water trampoline down by the waterfront. You can also go kayaking or battle it out during a blob war. Whatever you choose, you’re bound to have a great time by the waterfront.

5. The fun doesn’t stop after dark. Whether it’s Redneck Paintball or Capture the Counselor, the fun continues with our night programs.

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