Prepped for the Pool: Swim Test FAQs

1. What is a swim test? How do I pass?

Our swim test consists of a 25-yard swim. Arms must be out of the water during each stroke — no dog paddling. Before touching the wall, you must tread water for 1 minute and then immediately into a back float for 10 seconds. Once the tread is done, immediately climb out of the pool without using the ladder and cross arms over chest, then jump in.

2. I took a swim test at another YMCA of Metro Atlanta branch. Is it valid at any of your branches?

Yes! Swim tests cross over to other branches, except if you come from a branch that does not have a deep water pool. Branches have the right to re-test appropriately.

3. When can I take a swim test?

We offer swim tests in the summer at the top of the hour only.

4. I passed my swim test, but I lost my band. What do I do now?

Lost swim bands cost $1 to replace.