POUND HQ Rocks Out With Atlanta YMCA

YMCA members at East Lake and Carl E. Sanders at Buckhead unleashed their inner rockstars during a heart-pumping, sweat-inducing workout led by instructors from the Los Angeles-based POUND headquarters.

The high energy duo Nicole Dewey and Kirsten Keeton (also known as KK), along with Y group fitness instructors engaged class participants in a vibrant exercise session that featured pounding on the floor with Ripstix, or exercise drumsticks.

“POUND is all about human connection, community, letting yourself go and connecting with people from all different walks of life,” says Dewey. “It’s literally for everybody, and I think that’s what the Y is all about — community.”

According to Poundfit.com, POUND is designed for all fitness levels and “provides the perfect atmosphere for letting loose, getting energized, toning up and rockin’ out.” Its easily modifiable workout routine has a vibe and philosophy that is welcoming and appeals to everyone regardless of gender, age or abilities.

Tashia Zeigler has been teaching POUND for three years and Zumba for eight years. She says POUND is different than any group exercise class she’s ever taken or taught. 

“POUND is ​rock​ ‘n’ roll, POUND is hip-hop,” says Zeigler. “You get out your aggression by hitting something, and the drumsticks are really cool.”

Zeigler adds that POUND is based on camaraderie. “You’re having this experience together in class, and you’re high-fiving each other and yelling and screaming,” she explains. “I think that that’s just an external representation of the community that the Y creates.”

Jenn Thomas was introduced to POUND in 2017 as a Y member taking group ex classes at the Carl E. Sanders Family YMCA. It wasn’t long before she transitioned from participant to certified POUND instructor. She hasn’t looked back since and says that POUND puts you in a positive mind space.

“Maybe you’ve had a hard day and you don’t want to go lift weights because you’re not gonna get a whole lot out of it, but banging those sticks on the floor, it gets you excited to move on with your day.”

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By Erica K. Faulkner
Director of Content and Social Media