Grandmother Finds and Maintains New, Healthy Lifestyle at the Y

My grandchildren call me “Oma”. I would not be able to enjoy all they do without the help of the Summit Family YMCA of Newnan and its Coach Approach program and instructor, Dan Meyer. You see, I received a borderline report of diabetes in July 2015. I followed-up with my primary physician, who confirmed that I was indeed borderline diabetic. Since this serious health issue, I have joined a weight loss program, and, Dan helped me with a workout regimen. Now, it is almost 2 1/2 years later, and I am down 80 pounds, and 4 sizes smaller. No, circuit machines are not the only activities I do. At first, I used the circuit machines with only 15 pounds, and, walking. Then I added swimming and indoor tennis. Later, I added group exercises such as, yoga, Zumba, line dancing, strength condition classes, pickle ball, and now I play tennis outside. I have also done four 5K races, and, recently, the Diva 5K. I owe my success to the Y for showing me that I can obtain a new, healthy lifestyle. HERE’S TO A HEALTHIER, MORE ENERGETIC GRANDMA!

YMCA Member