Longtime Member Finds Community, Fellowship at the Y

With more than 76 years of YMCA involvement, John “Mike” Lane still makes daily visits to the Y an essential part of his routine. For him, the YMCA is much more than a place to work out. The Y is a place where Mike feels at home. He is on a first-name basis with the facility’s regulars, and jokingly considers himself an unofficial staff member. However, what is not a laughing matter is the vital role the YMCA played during Mike’s eight-year battle with stage IV colon cancer.

As a physician, Mike knew that he needed to stay physically and mentally strong to push through his diagnosis. He is certain that without the YMCA, he would not be alive today.

Mike’s Y story is a great example of how the Y seeks to empower healthy living in all life stages and ensure that people have the know-how and resources to improve their health, well-being and social connectedness.