Get Creative: April 6-12

Saturday, April 11, 2020

Stained Glass Chalk Art!  

Take your chalk art to the next level with this simple and fun idea. 

What you’ll need 

Painter’s Tape (or masking tape)  

Sidewalk Chalk  

Use the painter’s tape to mark of a design on your driveway or fence. You can start with a basic outline of a shape or letter. Then add more tape, crisscrossing it inside the outline. Now it’s time to add the chalk! Color inside the tape. Use all kinds of colors, and maybe even add some patterns. Once you’ve finished coloring inside the tape, peeit off and reveal your beautiful stained-glass masterpiece! Our friend Hazel shared this driveway masterpiece with us last week. 


Friday, April 10, 2020

Rainbow Color Hunt Cardboard Art 

Go on a scavenger hunt around your house for crafty items of like colors, then make monochromatic collages with the items you find!  

What you’ll need: 

Cardboard (cut into squares) 

Paint in rainbow colors (we used tempera paints) 

Crafty items like beads, washi tape, pom poms, tissue, confetti, and felt in coordinating rainbow colors 

Hot glue gun 

Check out to find out how it’s done! 


Thursday, April 9, 2020

It’s just a few days until Easter and we know you are all preparing for the bunny’s visit! Today’s recipe is an Easter-themed cross-over between cooking and creativity. It’s a mash-up! 

Did you know you can dye Easter eggs NATURALLY?! 

Check out the amazing natural ingredients that we’ll use to create beautiful springtime colors… 

Yellow — Turmeric  

Sky Blue — Purple Cabbage  

Dark Blue — blueberries  

Orange — Yellow onion skins  

Magenta — Beets 


1 c. chopped purple cabbage  

1 c. yellow onion skins  

1 beet, shredded  

2 tbsp. ground turmeric  

Water White vinegar  

DIRECTIONS In a medium saucepan over medium heat, add 4 cups water along with cabbage, or beets, or onion skins, or turmeric. Cover and bring to a boil. Cook until reduced by half, 20 to 25 minutes. Remove dye from heat and strain into a large measuring cup. Let cool completely. When cool, add 1 tablespoon vinegar for every cup of dye and stir to combine. Add clean eggs to dye and cover with plastic wrap. Refrigerate until desired color is reached, 6 hours or up to overnight. Gently remove eggs from dye and pat dry with a paper towel.  

Thanks to for this recipe! 


Tuesday, April 6, 2020

Show off your artsy side on your umbrella! 

You’ll be singin’ in the rain with your creative umbrella with this fun activity! 

What you need:  

Fabric paint or other waterproof paint and brushes 

An umbrella you don’t mind making a fashion statement with 

Stencils or shape patterns if you have some (Optional) 


Gather your paints and brushes and your umbrella. 

Think about what you might like to paint — maybe a favorite animal (Narwhals and Unicorns anyone?), or an abstract design! 

If you have stencils for shapes or letters, they might help younger kids with their designs. Or, just freestyle it.  

Paint as much or as little as you like on your umbrella. 

Leave it open overnight to let it dry. 

You’ll be waiting for the rain so you can show off your unbelievable umbrella on your next neighborhood walk 

Don’t forget to share your awesome rainy-day creation with us by emailing pictures to