Critical YMCA Childcare Program Allows Frontline Workers to Continue Saving Lives

When doctors and nurses can’t go to work because they have no one to care for their children during their shifts, hospitals and medical facilities cannot function at full capacity to serve the ever-growing needs of our community during this pandemic.

When police officers and first responders can’t be on the job because they can’t leave their children with their parents whose ages (60+) put them at higher risk for contracting coronavirus, the safety of the community is at even greater risk.

When grocery workers and warehouse employees can’t work because there are no schools or daycare centers open, stores cannot meet customer demand for food, cleaning supplies and medicine. And those workers cannot earn wages to support their own families.

Without childcare for essential workers, our entire community suffers.



Though the Y has been forced to close our facilities to ensure the safety of our members, we immediately pivoted to meet the emerging needs of our community. Within one week of initial school closures, the YMCA of Metro Atlanta opened our first emergency childcare location for frontline workers. We are now operating sites across the metro area, with the capacity to serve up to 2,000 children of essential workers.

When you #stickwiththeY by sustaining your membership or making a donation, you are supporting critical programs that allow our first responders and frontline workers to save lives.
Please watch this video to learn more about our emergency childcare program.

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Thank you for sticking with us as we refocus our staff and facilities to care for the children whose parents care for all of us. Together, we’ll get through this.