5 Tips for a Healthy Heart

Keeping our hearts healthy involves more than eating the right foods. Here are a few things you should incorporate or cut out of your daily routine for good heart health.

1. Try to control, or at least change, the way you manage stress. Often times, stress can lead to poor food choices, increased blood pressure and inactivity. To better manage your stress, try some of these options:

Find a yoga or relaxation class that helps with relaxation techniques, then learn to incorporate those methods into your everyday life.

Get out and take a walk. Not only does walking provide you with physical activity, but it also gives you uninterrupted time to think and clear your mind.

Keep your diet in mind. Sometimes stressful situations can cause us to drink too much or make unhealthy eating choices that may make us feel better in the short term. But relying on alcohol or other compulsive behaviors are not effective ways to handle stress.

2. Quit smoking.  Smoking is a major cause of cardiovascular disease, and not only does it damage the heart, but it also damages the arteries and veins. As a smoker, you are not only hurting your body but also those around you who are exposed to your second-hand smoke!

3. Maintain good dental health. Some research suggests that healthy teeth and gums can reduce one’s risk of developing heart disease. So, brush properly, and remember that flossing is just as important as brushing. Get more tips for better dental health.

4. Find something you enjoy doing, or go to a place you love—a.k.a. your happy place! Many people find that having a hobby or a special place assists in their ability to release everyday stressors and recharge.

5. Have some fun! Think about the way your child enjoys the simple things in life or the way your dog gets excited when you walk through the door. Learn to release, relax and have fun!